Leo Buendia was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, a city steeped in tango and folklore music. The evocative croon of Atahualpa Yupanqui and invigorating dissonance of Astor Piazzolla’s Nuevo Tango stirred him to shift his focus and become a musician.

His fingers, ears, and spirit were awakened when the guitar became a part of his life. He studied popular Argentine music in the Music Conservatory Leopoldo Marechal, while concurrently studying tango privately with Master Anibal Arias. When he decided to buy a high quality classical guitar, he paid visit to many of Buenos Aires’ guitar makers. Weeks later, still empty handed, He decided to build the elusive guitar himself.

With the perspective and experience of a performing musician, Leo Buendia began his career as a luthier in his hometown of Buenos Aires. Years later, he moved to Oakland, California to specialize in the construction of high end steel string acoustic guitars in a three-year apprenticeship to the renowned Ervin Somogyi.  Recognized as being one of the finest new guitar makers in the world today, Buendia Guitars is operated as a solo operation shop offering​ one-of-a-kind custom guitars with the depth of sound and immediate response desired by professional musicians and guitar lovers around the world.

He is currently located in Oakland, California. If you are interested in having a custom Buendia guitar or stopping by the shop, please contact him by email or telephone.